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Nachdem in den USA mit dem bankrotten US-Hypotheken-Finanzierer "American Home Mortgage Investment" erneut ein Opfer zu verzeichnen ist, zog die französische Großbank "BNP Paribas" die Notbremse. Dabei sei egal, wie die Verteilung zwischen Miet- oder Eigentumswohnungen im jeweiligen Land ist, selbst der jeweilige Lebensstandard spiele keine Rolle. Dass dies auch Folgen hätte, beispielsweise für eine Einschränkung der Überwachungsmöglichkeiten und die Vorratsdatenspeicherung, erwähnt der Außenminister ebenso wenig wie den Umstand, dass Großbritannien bereits einer der fortgeschrittensten Überwachungsstaaten ist, wo die so kritisierte staatliche Kontrolle schon weit in den öffentlichen Raum vorgedrungen ist. «"ch werde der Entscheidung nicht vorgreifen", sagte EMA-Chefin Emer Cooke am Dienstag in einer Anhörung im Europaparlament.

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Dass auch die Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) inzwischen die Lage in der Eurozone als bedenklich einschätzt, hat sich nun gestern deutlich gezeigt. Update: Die Europäische Zentralbank hat heute erneut 61 Milliarden Euro in den Markt gepumpt. Oppenheim hat einen ABS- Fonds mit einem Volumen von 750 Millionen Euro geschlossen. Prime minister elect Ferenc Gyurcsany repeated his promise for a more equitable and just Hungary, and promised that Hungary would fulfill the Maastricht criteria by 2008, which means that the country will be able to use the Euro by 2010. While this speech may have gone down well with the general public, foreign observers were not convinced. Together, these developments drive the enclosure of the Internet, granting the owners of the wires, patents, and copyrights ever more control over the future development of the Internet.

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Now that the election is over it is back to the real world, and like drunken revelers the night before, the hangover may be a little too much to bear. As spending habits die hard and there is now less and less to sell, the country has reached a crisis point. The Liberals have blackmailed the coalition in the past, and with the willingness of the conservative MDF to work with the new government -- especially with the flat tax and the privatisation of health care -- support from their traditional coalition partner is now not regarded as essential. Thus, although pundits in Hungary claimed that the strengthening of the currency following the election was an indication of the support the new government had from abroad, the fact that it weakened again the next day showed that, in fact, it's business as usual. Meanwhile, the belt-tightening that many had feared has already etoro investieren begun.

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The openness of the Internet was not the result of its somehow inherent nature, as many of the early pundits thought, but a consequence of specific design decisions. However, despite the demise of Napster as a company, the phenomenon of file sharing is still very significant. For Lessig, the story of open file sharing ended with the defeat of Napster in a Californian court. To these resources, the "tragedy of the commons" (see Sharing and hoarding) does not apply. Indeed, while leaders of the European Union congratulated the Socialist-Liberal coalition on their victory, at the same time they noted that they are waiting to see how Hungary will deal with its 6.1% deficit -- the highest within the EU -- and the fact that half of this year's budget has already been spent. Unlike other countries, such as Canada which has an extensive national health program, Hungary has let Big Pharma take over health care. Most people in Hungary who work on the black market do so not because they wish to avoid paying taxes, but because they are working in the country illegally.

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