Telehealth Visit FAQs


In order to protect our providers, staff and patients from exposure to COVID-19, some Mercer Health patients may be asked to reschedule appointments, or to complete their appointments via a telehealth visit instead of in person.

We know that our patients have questions about how these types of visits work and what they should expect, so we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please contact your provider’s office via phone or MyChart for more information.

Are telehealth visits covered by insurance? 

Telehealth appointments meet insurance requirements and will be billed normally.

Telehealth visits secure options?

Yes. Patient privacy is something we always take very seriously. Telehealth vists are done via an online platform called All data is encrypted, sessions are confidential, and no information is stored in the program. adheres to HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.

How do I schedule a telehealth visit?

Contact your provider’s office to set up an appointment. The staff will discuss your appointment request with your provider to determine if your question or concern is appropriate for a telehealth visit.

How do telehealth visits work?

Prior to your scheduled appointment time, you will receive an invitation via email or text message that includes an appointment invitation link. It’s recommended that you be connected to WiFi before starting the appointment process. When you click on the link, you will walk through a few simple steps and then be placed into a “virtual waiting room,” until your provider is ready to “see” you.

We kindly ask you to be patient with us throughout the process. We continue to work through technical difficulties as they arise to make the experience as positive as possible for our patients.

What if I need a physical exam, or need to be tested for something?

When you contact your provider’s office to set up an appointment, the staff will discuss your need with your provider to determine if a telehealth visit is a good option for you. Some appointments may still be done in person, if necessary. While a telehealth visit does not take the place of an in-person examination, it can be helpful alternative in many situations until you can be seen in the office.

f you are having respiratory symptoms and need to be tested for influenza or strep throat, your provider may request that you visit our drive-through testing clinic at the Mercer County Fairgrounds to be swabbed.

Other important reminders for patients:

  • As always, the emergency department provides emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients needing emergency medical care should continue to report to the Emergency Department at Mercer Health’s Mercer County Community Hospital. For suspected COVID-19 cases ONLY, please call 419-678-5101 prior to arriving at the Emergency Department to ensure the best care for your situation and the proper safety protocols are in place for other patients, visitors and healthcare employees. Please see our COVID-19 Patient Guidelines for more information.
  • Please do not avoid appointments or testing that could cause deterioration of your condition, including patients with COPD, CHF, diabetes, cellulitis and other cardiac conditions. If you have been asked to quarantine, please contact your primary care provider to help make that determination.
  • If you have been quarantined and you are scheduled for a procedure or test at the hospital, please contact your provider to decide if you should have the procedure or test, or if you should wait until you quarantine is finished.
  • For those patients that do have a face-to-face appointment, they will be asked to check-in and then return to their car until the provider is ready to see them.