The State of Our Community’s Health


What is the state of our community’s health? That’s a question that Mercer County Health District, Mercer Health, Foundations and a committee made up of representatives of many other local businesses, agencies and groups asks every three years. Every three years, a new Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is developed as a result of the conclusions drawn from a Community Health Needs Assessment. The current Community Health Improvement Plan runs through 2020, and a new assessment is underway to help determine the focus areas for the next plan.

You can get involved and make your voice heard by taking a brief online survey about your personal health history, health and wellness behaviors and concerns you have about the state of our community’s health. The survey is open now through the end of September.

As conclusions are drawn from the survey, information about the next CHIP will be shared with the community.

For more information, please contact Jason Menchhofer, Interim Administrator at Mercer County Health District, at or 419-586-3251, ext. 1273 or Mindy Kremer, Vice President of Development, Marketing and Communications at Mercer Health at 419-678-5613 or