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What to do with your COVID-19 vaccine card


You received your COVID vaccine—and you have the proof! But what should you do you do with that CDC vaccination record card after you take the obligatory vaccine selfie? Your vaccination card is dual purpose—it is a record of your immunization against COVID-19 and a reminder to receive your second dose (be sure to bring it with you to your second appointment).

While it’s not currently necessary to carry it with you, it is recommend that you keep it in a safe place where you have other important documents stored. It may also be helpful to take a photo of your card and save it on your phone as a backup.

Why may I need to show someone your card?

Many employers, especially in healthcare, require proof of immunization against all vaccine preventable diseases (examples include MMR, Tdap, Hib, annual influenza). While proof of vaccination is not required to travel in the U.S., it may be necessary to show in some places while traveling internationally.

Also, as researchers continue to learn more and as COVID-19 variants evolve, booster shots may be recommended. In that event, your vaccine card will be a helpful reference to know which brand and which vaccine lot you received.

Is my card my only record of vaccination?

The organization that administered your vaccine—whether it was Mercer Health, Mercer County Health District, a pharmacy or another facility—will have record of your vaccine on file. The state of Ohio also maintains a vaccine record database. In the event that you need proof of vaccination, you would need to go through the formal process to request documentation. Keeping your vaccine card readily available would be a quicker, more convenient option.

If you would like record of your immunization entered into your Mercer Health medical record and MyChart account, contact your primary care provider’s office to notify them of your vaccination.

What if I lose my card?

If you do lose your card, contact the organization that administered your vaccine doses.

Effective March 29, Ohioans ages 16 and older are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Information about upcoming vaccine clinics and how to register is available at If you have questions or concerns about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, we encourage you to reach out to your primary care provider.